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Hello all

Went for a wicked ride on Sunday, my 2003 954 runs nice, my mate has a 2006 1000RR on long open road ,I was in front up to 200km/h thereafter it looks as if I am hitting brakes, he comes past me with so much power.

I am considerably heavier than him +/- 25kg, I had no idea my bike had such less power than his, his bike was on the track at a stage and was setup as such.

I have taken my bike to 245km/h before would it be able to go more if needed, not that I run that speed.

what is a good a good sprocket setup for my blade, not top end(max) but something nice.

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Where are you,at the coast or highveld,I have a 2003 954,standard sprockets.I have a K&N filter in and a Stealth pipe fitted with stock headers.On the dyno on the highveld it does 278 Kph @ 148hp 101Nm.I have ridden it at the coast and saw 290 kph on the clock,wich would not be the right speed as all speedo's are out,but to be honest you should see 270 quite easly,if you push it in all the gears to the red,but if it bothers you you can do all the mods as mentioned above,but I wouldnt if I were you.Did you read about the guy who got a R18000.00 fine for doing 232 in a 120 zone,Just leave it bro,rather go to the track if you want to speed,its not worth it
I know speed on the dyno has no relevance, BR,point being dont race in the street,
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