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Hey guys!!

I scored a set of 954 Throttle bodies / injectors / etc. for free from a guy at work.

I'm in the midst of spring maintenance and figured while I have the bike torn down for checking valve clearances .... I might as well take care of the swap.

1) I'm going to be using the 954 injectors with the power commander III: Do i run the same fuel map? (Full Erion exhaust if that matters)

2) any other issues I should consider?

3) anyone in the Toronto area (or where-ever) know where I can get a 954 injector harness for a decent price?

Yay pictures!

Oh! also! got the ohlins steering damper for mad cheap .... need the mount though. anyone made one before to point me in the right direction? or a kit that only has the mount and not the damper itself?
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