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just want your thoughts on this. I have a US 1996 RRT which I've put genuine UK jets in the carbs and also a UK silencer on as I noticed the outlet was around 3-4mm smaller on the US silencer.

I'm wondering if the ECU's would have any difference in them, any kind of ignition retard at certain revs etc. Hence wondering whether to try a UK ECU.

Alternatively, what about a UK 98/99 ECU. Didn't the 98/99 919s produce the best overall power/curve of all the early Blades ? And why, as far as I'm aware the cams and actual engine is the same in all 919s US or UK so the only difference that I can see is the Exhaust and ECU ???

Just wondered anyone elses opinion.

And before anyone says it, yes I know I could bolt on a full Akrapovic and Jetting kit but that's not what I'm trying to achieve. My 96 RRT has 3300 miles on it, is mint as new and I want it as standard as possible. And yes it runs fine on the US set up but I'm just playing with it.

One final question, is there something about the ECU breaks if you swap them with power on ??

Thanks for any help
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