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Hi everyone

I have come to pick the brains of the forum! If anyone can help that would be great.

I have a 96 bike that the motor blew in and bought a 99 motor to replace it.
These are uk motors by the way. Now it all went in fine but with the 96 ecu it runs like crap and three clyinders. I have a 99 ecu that came with the moto. Looking over the wiring diagram there seems no difference aside from a pink wire that seems to be part of an immobiliser system.
First off do you think the reason its not running right is due to 96 euc and 99 motor.?
Did they change the timming over those years. ?
Second if so what voltage do I need down that pink wire to get the ecu to work? I have tried 9v and 4 v!

Totaly stuck and realy need some help.
Cheers adam
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