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Hi all.
My '98 919 has a K & N and a Yoshi Slip on. #40 pilot jets and #125 main Jets and mixture 2 1/2 turns out. Factory needle and single washer.

Now, with this set up, it runs a little rich at about 3750rpm causing some fluffiness at cruise. I used different mixture turns and it made little difference. I put 2 x extra washers under the needle, now it bogs down at take of and has fluffiness at 2500rpm and 4000rpm.

So my questions are:
a) Should I get rid of the K & N filter and put a stock filter back in?
b) If I remove ALL washers, from under the needle, and put #128 mains in it, should this solve the issue? If not, could you explain what part does what function, at what revs.

Thanks in advance
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