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Ok im gonna try to make it I picked up a a bike that was laid down real cheap,but that was no problem that was a quick fix .the motor was rebuilt less than 2000 miles ago 13000 original miles.there's a full write up on here covering the whole thing but for now I'm going to try to leave that guy out of it.i dont know how long thats gonna last though.i think i might need him.
anyways the motor made some funny noises when i got it.I know these bikes are known for it.ive already had one. I put a manual cam chain tensioner which got rid of one noise but there was always just a little knock and the oil light would come on at normal operating temperatures,when i was at a stoplight or at idle.i didnt know there was a serious problem creeping on ran to damm good
well I started digging into the clutch because that's where I figured it was coming from.the knock would go away when I'm releasing the clutch real slowly.i went to digging and I found a bad bearing on the spring holder plate and I swapped it out with a old bearing that i had,knowing that id be going back in.the used bearing i used,wasnt that much better.i just wanted to see, well the knock went
Well now that knocks back and this time there's some brass shavings in the oil I ran a oil pressure test I think I might of had 35 PSI at 5400 RPM or whatever it is.maybe 15 to 20 at idle ive cleaned the sump screen twice before the test.ive found alot of permatex both times.plunger seemed fine im gonna pull the oil pump soon and check it
I dont think the motors got maybe 2k miles since the rebuild.ive heard something about aftermarket headgaskets blocking oil passages.
How far am i going to have to go into it?im sure all the much damage was done?
I guess I'm going to drop the pan again. I just found out I could check for play in the rod bearings threw there,or stick a rod down the spark plug hole and feel for any.if there isnt any sign of play do you think theres a possibility ill be alright?is there anyway to blow the oil passages out.i was thinking flushing it a bunch of times with how you dowhen you sink your 4x4.i got a feeling its gonna be some little bullshit im gonna fight hell trying to find.any suggestion,comments helpful hoping just to have to tear down and do a flush.change the rod maybe main bearings hopefully.anybody got a list link to all the parts that must be changed
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