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Adjustable Clip-Ons???

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Hi folks,

Did any of you try height adjustable clip-ons?

I'm considering to install these as the riding position of my blade is too extreem for street riding (Especially in the chaotic traffic of Istanbul:evilaugh:) but I hate those nakedbike style superbike conversions:thumbd:. So I thought an adjustable clip-on set could be the right choice.

Any recommendations?
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I used Vortex adjustable clip ons on a 600 for racing and loved them.
I saw these on some web pages. There is a 7 degree angle at the end of the bars. Do you think its enough to make the positioning comfortable?
Thanks, Why not give them a try then:)

By the way I saw the convertibars they look ridicilous far worst than superbike lenkers :)
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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