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Hey guys, i was poking around online and i came across a dynatech 2000 complete ignition system.

it has an ignition box with adjustable timing curves and adjustable rev limiter, crank triggers, coils, 8.8mm plug wires, and complete wiring harness.

I talked to someone at the company and they said its a complete fresh start to my ignition system. I need a fresh start because i fried my cdi box and a bunch of wiring. I would just replace them, but i don't know what else it fried, and i cannot find a matching box to mine.

My question is, has anyone had any experience with these systems? They seem to be all there, and like it would add a little power to my bike, but i don't want to drop $500 and it screw things up worse, or the box fries on me within a year.


P.S. My bike is a 98 900rr
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