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I have been using this AGV Laguna warm weather jacket for about a month now. It provides better warmth than any other summer mesh jacket I've had before. It has a waterproof removeable rain liner that, when left in, seals off wind entirely. (The rain liner is a very clever design that you can wear separately as a rainy day windbreaker.)

For comparison I have a "men's hot weather mesh" in orange from Jackets for Bikes, which runs about $70 and at that price I really can't complain. But the fit is kind of loose and sloppy overall, even though it's my size. I also had an armored mesh Joe Rocket in yellow, closer in build quality to this AGV, more like the $175 range, which fit very well. I gave that away when my 929 got totaled.

This AGV retails for $225, and boy does it show. It's about as high-tech as anything I have ever seen. It's got titanium shields, little mesh covered wind ducts to channel air thru, and tremendous construction all around. It fits perfectly, incredibly snug, like it was tailored to my body. And yet it bends very well so I don't feel like I'm in a straight jacket. The zippers are nylon but they're tough, not cheap, and they have pulls which makes using them with gloves a snap. (I mean, a zip. I had to make my own pulls for the Fox Creek jacket.) The cuff have snaps which hold the zippers closed. The left one won't snap over my watch, but the right sleeve zips up and snaps, even over the Joe Rocket gloves I wear in summertime. It has velcro... everywhere, it seems, and the bottom flap which covers the zipper closure automatically finds itself - I don't have to think about closing it. Same for the flap that completely covers the zipper all the way up. With the rain liner this thing is about as waterproof as you can get without going for a big bucks one piece suit.

It has a few convenience breast pockets, one of which is elongated and kind of seems like it would be good for a small flashlight. I appreciate this because it's always a PIA when a pen or whatever gets jammed down in the bottom of an wide inner pocket and you have to fish it out without ripping the pocket lining. A vertical pocket is a great idea, and this one's big enough for rolled up papers or something.

AGV's sizing chart on is pretty accurate. I was hedging, choosing a small, but according to the chest measurements in the chart, small is the correct size for me and it turned out to be right. The only thing that I had to develop a "plan" for, is how to deal with the quality elastic in the sleeves of the rain liner. Getting the jacket off was tough. It actually was like fighting a straight jacket a few times, with my hands stuck in the sleeves, flailing about. Comical. Wearing a big G-Shock watch made it much worse!

So my fix is, detach the rain liner, and put it on first, on cool days.
The rain liner has more connections to the main garment than any other liner I have seen. It's time consuming to remove or attach it properly. Wearing the jacket as 2 pieces is so much better. The main jacket slips right off, and without the heavy nylon and armor shell attached, the cuffs of the windbreaker are easy to squeeze over my hands.

I was lucky enough to win this jacket, and when I did, I kind of thought, "Hmmm, I already have a warm weather jacket, and this AGV doesn't come in orange... I hope I like it" but man, was I way off. The red goes pretty well with the red accents of the Repsol colors and my red Swissgear backpack. But more important, it's completely night and day compared to that orange one. A truly amazing garment. Such a well thought out design and something to actually marvel at. I really feel protected in this AGV Laguna, and I like that I can wear on days when the temperature drops into the sixties. I didn't expect this to become an alternative to the heavy Fox Creek Leather I wear in the fall and winter, but until it gets really cold, I'll be wearing this Laguna.


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