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At Easter I purchased my third Airoh helmet - A Dragon FX Carbon Kevlar. I already own an Airoh S4 and an Airoh Force Way and didn't need another helmet but it was so light and fitted so well (just like the other 2) so I bought it.
Wednesday evening was the third time I had worn it and it really is quiet, light, doesn't mist up and fits the shape of my head just right!

But...after twenty minutes of riding I noticed what I thought was a crack apearing in the left hand corner of the visor working it's way up across the visor. I pulled over to check and discovered it was infact a crappy anti fog film that it's coated with that had decided to peel off. It came off in sheets like peeling sunburn off, but left a nasty stick goo all over the inside of the visor and all over my fingers. We set off again but every time I breathed out the visor misted up - even with the vents open. I found I had to ride with the visor open a crack but that blased my eyes with cold evening air, So I gave up and rode home.
I have since used Wurth Helmet and visor cleaner to remove the goo and treated it with FogTech antifog and I can report.....It's useless :mad: Every breath fogs the visor, even at speed with the vents open or closed it still fogs - Totally hopeless.
Now, before any one says it's my fault that the anti fog film came off - It was only the third time that I have worn it and I have never had to clean it. It's always stored in the top of a wardrobe, in it's cloth bag inside it's original box.
I decided to Email Airoh and ask them if anything could be done about it, and indeed if this was a regular fault with there visors and if there should be a warning on there helmets that the film could come off and impare a motorcycles view of the road? The reply came quickly and read:-
"We are pleased to hearing from you but and we regret the trouble you have, please contact your nation distrtibutor"
I replied asking for the details - I'm yet to have a reply.

So beware of Visors with film anti fog fitted that randomly peels off and renders your helmet useless :crying:
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