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If you ride a sportbike, you must be familiar with the Akrapovic brand producing high-performance exhaust systems and mufflers. The company was founded by former racer Igor Akrapovič in 1991. As a global leader in designing and manufacturing high-performance slip-on mufflers and complete systems for street-legal and track-only sportbikes, Akrapovic continues to gain popularity thanks to exciting products able to improve bike performance, appearance, and change the exhaust tone.

People working at Akrapovic use their real-life experience as well as data collected in the motorcycle racing environment to tweak existing designs and create completely new exhaust systems. They use proprietary titanium alloys and carbon-fiber components to reduce overall weight and ensure unmatched structural integrity. Thanks to high-precision measuring and cutting tools, the end product always features the highest build quality.

Akrapovic® S-H10R9-APLT - Racing 4 - 2 - 1 Titanium Exhaust System

CBR1000RR 2020-2021

• Optional Track day Link pipe/Collector (Stainless steel) lowers the noise levels for use on racetracks where lower noise levels are required
• Carbon fiber muffler bracket (needed for mounting if passenger footrests are removed) is already included within the system
• For perfect performance, throttle response and durability, ECU remapping is mandatory
• This is a Race Only product that is to be used solely for competition. It cannot be used on vehicles that are operated on public streets, roads or highways. Its use is limited to closed-course and open-course racing that is formally sanctioned by a recognized racing organization. Any other use, including recreational off-road use, could be in violation of local, state and federal laws. Shipping Restriction: CA, NY, ME

• Type: 4 into 1
• Material: Titanium
• Muffler/ End Cap Finish: Titanium
• Max Power Increase: 16.0(HP Imperial) / 16.2 (HP Metric) / 11.9 (kW) / 8100 (RPM)
• Max Torque Increase: + 10.6 (lb/ft) / + 14.4 (Nm) / 7800 (RPM)
• Noise Increase: 5.3 (dB)
• Weight Decrease: 0.8 (kg) / 1.7 (lb) / 10 (%)
• Installation Time: 180 Min

• EC Type Approval
• ECE Type Approval
• Designed to maximize horsepower and torque of your motorcycle

Akrapovic® S-H10R7-TC - Racing 4-1 Carbon Fiber Exhaust System

CBR1000RR 2009-2016
CBR1000RR ABS 2016

• Type: 4 into 1
• Material: Carbon Fiber
• Muffler/ End Cap Finish: Carbon Fiber
• Max Power Increase: 8.6 (HP Imperial) / 8.7 (HP Metric) / 6.4 (kW) / 6400 (RPM)
• Max Torque Increase: 6.8 (lb/ft) / 9.2 (Nm) / 6400 (RPM)
• Noise Increase: 2 (dB)
• Weight Decrease: 4 (kg) / 8.8 (lb) / 44.4 (%)
• Installation Time Min: 90

Click on the image to enter the product page at for more information.
To browse the full catalog of Akrapovic exhaust systems, click the "Shop Now" button below:

Give our sales team a call at 888.903.4344 (Toll Free) or 1.732.867.9995 (International) and we'll match any competitor's price.​
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