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Hey guys

Long time since I've been on here. Anyway I bought myself a nice new 2014 model cbr1000rr abs fireblade recently.
Absolutely love it, however on test riding the dealers demo I thought it was too quiet, so I got the dealer to do me a deal on a slip on akrapovic exhaust when I bought my bike. It was late in arriving so I only had it fitted on the first service.

Anyway since having it fitted the bike sounds great, (with the baffles out), not too loud, just right.
However in the midrange the bike has lost most of its torque!!
It's like riding a 600, in first or second gear I can go wide open throttle and it just doesn't really accelerate like a litre bike should/did.

Thinking perhaps the valve in the akrapovic exhaust is closing rather than opening, and robbing me of the torque. I inspected the servo motor, which appears to be in the correct position, and turns clockwise when you open the throttle.
So then I put the baffle in... after much swearing lining it up.
Took her for a spin, magically some torque came back, but not as much as standard, so back pressure is clearly the issue.

So basically, the akrapovic exhaust sounds good without the baffle, is as quiet as standard with the baffle in, and robs the bike of its torque either way. So it's for looks and weight saving only...
Surely this can't be right?

Has anyone else had this problem?

My only other thought now is to try a power commander V, but that's gonna involve either;
1. messing around on a dyno.
2. using the standard maps from dyno jet.
3. hack at the wiring and add an auto tune module too.
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