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My company has a PC loan program, 75% of a new computer/peripherals, and software, up to $2000. Interest free, two years, paid back via payroll deduction. My time has come so now I am looking at options.

My current home computer is a Dell P3/667 Latitude that I bought in 2000. My only mod is stuffing 256MB of RAM in it. I am running SuSe linux 8.1, and it is great for the two things that I really use it for, surfing the web and as a development environment for schoolwork. It isn't very good for a lot of the things that I want to use it for. Graphics are slow, since the memory is 'integrated', a lot of the little apps that I want need Windows, yada yada yada.

So, I am thinking Windows, and I am thinking laptop, since I like to go out and work on stuff. Plus, I am thinking about taking a different tack in my education in the next year or two. I looked at Dell's, I looked at Gateway's, and I'm not impressed. They overhype themselves on their websites then offer middling features.

I have read rave reviews of the Alienware desktops in some mags, but I am wondering if anyone has direct experience with the products and the company? I am thinking of getting an Area-51m.

I want at least 512MB of RAM. I want a 120GB HDD, but they are hard to find in a laptop, so I would be happy with a 60GB HDD. 802.11g if it's available, 15' screen. DVD/CD-RW combo drive, lots of battery power, and just about everything else would be icing. Any other recommendations?
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