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The CBR300R and the CB300F have been making some big waves today. I cannot say that I know exactly what the big news is all about, but there is a lot of excitement surrounding this entry-level bike. There was a long writeup about it over on one of the blogs that I frequent, and they were pretty excited to see such a capable bike in the entry level.

The shift towards the first bike market has been palpable in recent years with the rave reviews that the Honda Grom has gotten, and with the, dare I say the manufacturer, Yamaha FZ07 release.

The big bikes have reached a critical mass of sorts. How much more radical can they get? How much faster can they get? Manufacturers have take a little bit of the effort off the top of the charts to make some fun and exciting small bikes with big grins.

What do you think about these new bikes?

Check out the CBR300R website here:
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