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Ok so I went to start my bike after a ride and it wouldnt start. I dont think the battery is being charged while Im riding. The battery voltage is around 12-13 volts when sitting. But when I start the bike the volts drop down to around 11ish volts. If the alternator was working correctly shouldn't the voltage go up to 14-15 volts. Can someone please put some input in. And also, does AutoZone test motorcycle alternators. Thanks guys
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And I just disconnected the positive terminal of the battery while the bike was running and it just instantly died. Thanks again guys
It's very common for the stator and/or regulator to fry on Honda sportsbikes.
Sounds like the stator is toast.
Is the stator connector melted?
Do the workshop manual tests on the stator.
I havent checked. And Im not sure how to test it. It says like I need a amameter or something like that, and all I have is a voltmeter.
You need a resistance or ohm meter. To measure output you will need a meter that measures AC voltage up to about 70VAC.
If the resistance check fails though you won't need to measure voltage as it indicates the stator is fried.
Gotcha. I dont think autozone can check it, can they. And thanks for the quick responses man.
I don't know what Autozone is but any mechanic can do the tests if you take the manual with you. Only takes a minute to do.
Oh I didnt notice you were from a different country. Ill just take it to a mechanic to have it checked. Thanks again man.
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