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another question -- bodywork

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Hey all, another question about a bike I haven't bought yet:huh: planning to pick up a 2000 RC51 with 29,000 kms on it this weekend for a good price in Canadian pesos. Needs some work but primarily cosmetics -- mechanically it is sound. Plan to do the usual mods over the winter (had Ducatis before this, so honda stuff should be relatively easy). Needs bodywork -- all of the stock stuff is either cracked, scrached, or just looks poor. Heard OK reviews regarding the auctmarts stuff on another forum. Has anyone tried this stuff yet?

RC51 RC 51 RVT 2001 2006 STREET FAIRINGS SET #30:eBay Motors (item 120486157187 end time Nov-27-09 07:55:52 PST)

I like the idea of somewhat cheaper fairings that I can get painted myself, and that are in the USA, rather than China. Like everything, you get what you pay for, but these seem to be a fair deal.... anyone?
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Well, I got the arsey home and started to take it apart. I think I am going to take a chance on the auctmarts fairings; have heard pretty good things about them. Will fit them, add some heat protectant, and then get the tank painted.

Going to go with the white valencia scheme. Will post a link to my blog when I get it up and running.
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