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i like the red ones, i think they call them demon eyes. If i am not mistaken you get a kit and you can make them in any pattern (not just the circular halos) But if you get a full hid setup with the ballasts and everything with the halo's for $200 i think its a great deal. I would be all about it.
i am waiting for the projectors to arrive.They will be fited on my 929 an the 2 high beams which will be made low/high beams.When they arrive i let you know.
How did this turn out? I'm looking at the same kit and have a few questions for you if you're still around? :idunno:
PLEASE POST PICS! i was thinking about doing the same mod to my 929. i would love to see what it looks like!
hey all
sorry for the long time!!!
well yes,i had made the mod....i thought i had post it here somewhere.
Anyway check this links with my photos Moto Forum - Cbr 929 Bi-xenon Projectors Retrofit

(its a greek forum but photos speak for themself) and if there is any question i am here.

Lighting is great...they work flawless and the cut off is sharp.
WOW, that looks awesome! do you have any pics of the install? any of them at night with the halos on? how much did this cost in all? what did you do with the center hole for the original low beam? sorry for so many questions.. i am just really interested in doing this mod!
sorry i dont think i have any more pics left any more..
As far as the projectors mod in the 929 headlight is prety easy...just heat up the headlights
in the oven a litle bit and the lens comes off.The projectors are bol on for the h7 base so they sit nicely.In the middle i just left a common bulb,just to fill the isnt used any more.The trickier part is fitting all wiring,ballast,relays and ccfl boxes....believe me,there is a LOT of wiring.Thanks to the 929 air vents i managed to ide verything in there.
As for the photo of the halos on..well its not easy to capture it with a camera,but its like you expect it,halos are nice and bright and make the 929 looks kind of "pissed" gets a lot of looks,wich most dont even recockize what bike is that.
The best part is that everything looks factory made...if you dont know the 929 from the first wouldnt know that is a retro fit.
The kit cost me abot 140usd shipped to greece from china..i had a good deal.It includes EVERYTHING you need (even special silicon to reassemble the headlight lenses),bi-xenon projectors with hallos,small ballasts and wirring etc.
Now you need some electronic knoledge if you want to do it like i did (have both hi beam work with bi-xenon) but its a matter of wirring mostly.
Lighting is far superior to the plain hids i had before (i had all 3 bulbs made hid and it now has huge difference)
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how did the fabrication go? was it just cutting holes in your healight housing and stuffing the projector in, or do they fit right in the existing hole?
how did the fabrication go? was it just cutting holes in your healight housing and stuffing the projector in, or do they fit right in the existing hole?

no fabrication needed in that need to cut anything in the headlight,everything is reversable.The projectors are specialy made to fit in the H7 hole and they tighten with a big nut from the external side.They fit very well on the 929.After everything you can adjust the cutoff by the normal adjusters o the headlight.
Everything took about 2 days (2-3 hours a day)...1 day was the headlight removal,projector mounting and re assembling headlight on bike...and the other day i got to wirring...which can be trickier if you want to have everything looking nice and clean.I did not cut any wires on the bike..everything was made with plugs so it can e rmoved without much hassle.
And a reason that i left a simple bulb in the midle is that if i ever come into trouble and something diabolic happens and loose my hids in the midle of the night somewhere far away (wow....) i can just plug the connector to the middle bulb and have a decent light that gets me home.
very nice man... well kudos, it looks awesome!
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