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Wasn't watching that game, but did anyone see the USC game? I was impressed that Oregon kept them under 50 points, but Leinart was having an 'off' first half. He still had over 300 yards and three touchdowns, but got a slow start.
I'm not a USC fan, but I really enjoy the college regular season. That aside, Leinart could start - yes, start - for ANY NFL team tomorrow and still do well. Why he stayed another year I don't know, maybe to pad the numbers and add a few more trophies to his case, but that guy HAS to be at the top of every NFL team's wish list right now. Then he's got that other guy, the one that's probably second on most lists, Bush, running the ball.
Seriously, it's almost unfair the advantage they have this year. Who are some serious contenders to at least finish within two touchdowns against them this year?
I'm talking realistic, not naming a team because one is a fan. Is there a college team that can run with USC this year?
Would USC be able to beat an NFL team like the 49ers or Cardinals this year?
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