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I finally got sick of the sight of the stock end can and after a lot of thought went for the Remus option. I divested it of the pop rivet last night (warning - when cold the removeable baffle is a PITA to get back in..) and am thinking of installing it tomorrow night. Looking at the bits in front of me it looks ALMOST straight forward. Pipe, header, retaining band.. The one bit that has me worried is a bracket and bolt that came packaged with the header. Looking at it the mind boggles as to how it is to mounnt. Wish I had a camera, but side on it looks vaguely like...


THeres 2 plates like that (one behind the other with about a 1cm gap) joined by a tube where the O is. I was originally expecting the retaining strap to loop on to that bolt that holds the top of the stock gold cap on the exhaust, but now I'm wondering if this doesnt mount in some wierd way near where the stock pipe bolts on. Maybe it will make sense when I open it up, but do any Remus owners know where this goes? Thanks.
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