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INstalled the Arata and the PC3 this weekend.

THe Arata Iinstall was very straightforward--the fact that I had all the aplstic removed probably made it easier. One interesting thing on my Ca model is that there is no longer an O2 sensor in the pipe--not sure where it is or if there is even one.

The Arata is extremely high quality and you can see why it is so expensive--there are several tapers coming from both the headers and into the end can--making it expensive to manufacture. I am still waiting for Dans Arata map, hopefully this will get loaded this week. In the in between--I am gonna try the Akrapovic or Moriwaki map on dynojet.

Its alot louder--pipe fits really nice. Now i can run race gas--Ill post pics after the race plastic gets back from the painters.

The PC3 install is much different than the 929/954--it actually plugs directly into the injectors which should make it work better. Both the Arata and the PC3 instructins are a tad cryptic but the units themselves lend to a pretty straightforward install.

Hint: In ordering the pipe either get new exhaust gaskets from Dan (if he has them) or your local dealer
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