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Hey Guys,

Looking for a little advise on a new jacket.
I have it narrowed down to these 3, listed in order of preference:

1) Alpinestars RC-1 Leather Jacket

2) Alpinestars MX-1 Sport Riding Leather Jacket

3) Alpinestars Stage Perforated Leather Jacket

I already have a Alpinestar 1pc that I have been very happy with so I think that
I will stick with the Astar.

If anybody has tried either of these jackets I would love to here what you think.

From my research (internet only... no stores in my area stock anything anymore)
it seems that Alpinestar has changed the way their stuff fits slightly from when I got
my P1 1pc suit a few years ago?

I am 5'10", 40" chest, 33"waist, and 175lb and 1pc is a 42/52 and it fits pretty good,
but I wouldn't want it any smaller.

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