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Hey there,

The image changing it's orientation is a known issue on idevices.
Are you loading an image directly from your device?

If so, try downloading the image to your computer, change the orientation, save the image under a new title and try it again.
That should clear up your issue.

All my work is off my phone, I don't have a desk top. I have tried to save the pics in different ways, even rotating them and resaving them and they always post sideways.

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fc3s driver (and anyone else experiencing sideways images on mobile devices) - the reason this happens is because forums cannot read Exif data from images. What that means is that no matter how you take your image, the 'top' of it will always be in portrait mode (where the camera is), so it if you wanted a landscape/horizontal image and you upload here or any forums, it'll always read it as a portrait because forums cannot read Exif data from images.

There is a work around this if you are unable to upload and re-save them onto your computer. If you are taking the image with your device, try pointing your volume buttons down towards the ground. This seems to be a basic orientation for mobile devices.

Give that a shot and let us know that that works for you. Feel free to post some test images here so we can all see.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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