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2008 CBR1000RR 1996 CBR900RRT
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I guess that I forgot to do this a year ago when I first signed up, well better late than never

Originally at time of joining I had a 1996 CBR900RR and a 2000 R1, I have since sold the R1 and bought a 2008 CBR1000RR.

While I love my old 'blade, I definitely am enjoying the new one.

For gear I wear an Arai Regent-X daily, and a Arai Corsair-X IOM 2020 on special occasions.
For Jackets I wear a A* Missile(same with Pants.) a A* Faster Airflow, and a RideRich Anorak Armored hoodie(Which is extremely comfortable.)
For Gloves I wear Five Sportcity Carbon and the Five RFX Race (Both in Black/Red)
For Boots I usually wear a pair of Sedici Ultimo boots as my daily(Though they are starting to show their age.), as well as a pair of Sedici Chicane boots, and a pair of A* Supertech R
And last, but not least. I have two suits, One a Sedici Chicane and a A* Missile 1 piece suit.

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Thank you Sir! Some of your posts have helped me with many an issue with the old 900RR, actually I just mentioned you on FB. Figured you could help that guy who wanted to do the 1063 Big Bore.
Hey, no kidding. I like it when I can meet people on the crossover from forum to FB. Request accepted 👍🏻
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