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bent lower triple 929

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It appears I have a slightly bent lower triple clamp on my 929. I've been told that there are places I can have it repaired, any suggestions?

Also, my clipons are tweaked a fair bit... any suggestions? I figure it might make more sense to pick up some aftermarket ones, as I'll likely be tracking the bike a fair bit.
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you can probably find a straight used triple for as much as it would cost to have it straightend.
I have a spair lower triple for a 929. I payd $120usd for it. I'll give it to you for that plus shipping. Let me know.
thanks for the offer but there's already one on ebay for less than that, I'm kinda broke right now too so I'm trying to not spend much
good luck with the ebay thing. i bought one from tampa chop shop and damn near took off all the threads putting the nut on it. honda is wacky. a steel nut on a aluminum shaft. hmmmmm. which one will **** the other one up?? like i said. good luck.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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