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For a while during and after the whole Steve Moore debacle, I stood up for Todd Bertuzzi. I was never a fan, in fact, never watched him play much, but it seemed to me that the incident got blown out of proportion. Yes, it was a dirty punch, but from my perspective, it looked like nothing more than that. Just a dirty hit from behind that went all kinds of wrong. He fell into Steve Moore, and about 5 other Avs just piled on. If you ask me it was the dogpile that probably broke Moore's neck, definitely not the punch itself.

I thought Bertuzzi's suspension was adequate punishment; he had made a big mistake and paid for it.

The announcement that Todd would be on our olympic team this year in Turin brought about a mess of controversy, many angry fans calling in to radio shows and writing letters to the editor. I still stood up for him. He's a big man, he's got a great record... he'd make a great asset to our team, controversy or none.

I take it back.

After last night's Flames game in Vancouver, I now see the true nature of this guy. He is a big, slow dumb oaf. A mean-spirited temperamental GOON. A shameless actor and a whiny mouthy unsportsmanlike bitch. Last night the Canucks came back from a 3-1 deficit to take an ugly 4-3 overtime win. Todd Bertuzzi was so goddamned predictable... Every single faceoff in our end, what does he do? Lumbers his big oaf ass over to our net and stands in the crease, 6 inches in front of our goaltender. One of their goals was even disallowed because big dumb Todd didn't jump out of the crease on time. Of course he mouthed off the ref and somehow didn't get an unsportsmanlike. We played damn near the whole game shorthanded... Bertuzzi drew way more than his share of those penalties...(him and that little fuckface Ruutu) taking blatant dives over our sticks, falling down in front of the refs after barely being touched. Hell, he even dove on the ice and had a little crybaby fit after blocking HIS OWN TEAM'S POINT SHOT while standing in the goal crease. They scored the gamewinner with their goalie pulled, on a 6-on-3 with our 2 of our best penalty-killers in the box. It was a bullshit win and Todd Bertuzzi is a bullshit player. I don't want him on my olympic team. I don't really want him in the NHL...

Todd Bertuzzi sucks.
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