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Just thought I would give everyone a heads up on a company I delt with recently.

I ordered a pair of Teknic Speedmaster gloves from Acc International in the beginning of Feb, got the gloves very end of Feb, (I called twice to see where they were and got, oh they have shipped already). I tried the gloves on and they didn't fit, so I call for the return authorization number. Guy on the phone is nice enough and gives me the number. I send the package back at my expence and wait for the credit. ( I returned the gloves on March 2). Today (March 24) I finally get the credit after 3 more phone calls. Guess what......with shipping they charged me 158.00 for the gloves, I get a credit for 115.00 WTF. I read into their return policy and find out that they charge 20% or 10.00 whichever is greater.

Sorry for the rant, but I thought everyone should be aware of this.

Not a company I will ever deal with again. :soapbox: :thumbd:
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