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bike dies when put in gear, bit of advice

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Hi, first post. :)

CBR400RR NC29, 1990 plate

Just had a recent issue. As the title says, when I put the bike into gear, it dies. This is clearly an electrical issue as the bike starts and revs quite nicely. The sidestand light works, however I notice from the wiring diagram for the bike that a wire leads off to the ignition control unit as well.

I had to leave the bike and get the car into work so I'm getting a bit of feedback before I check it over tonight.

My question, other than simply checking the side stand switch (and the clutch switch), are there any usual suspects I should also be checking if the sidstand switch and clutch are OK. Is this a common prob?

Many thanks in advance. :)
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eliminate the obvious. we could speculate all day long.

it definately sounds like the side stand sensor.
Hi there, not looking for speculation, just a simple check list, I will not have internet available when I have a look at the bike and just wondered if there was a simple list of things to check based on the issues listed.
You sound like you know what your looking for, its got to be related to the side stand,only other thing i can think of is put it in gear with rear off ground and try and turn wheel wheel to make sure there is no issue with gearbox, if that turns ok it has to be the cut out for the side stand. Hope its a quick fix:thumb:
As the others are saying, it does sound like a side stand switch.

If the switch is faulty, you shouldn't be able to start the bike in gear either... (I had a problem with the 954RR after I had washed her for the first time - I had power sprayed the area near the side stand switch and water had gotten in = bike would cut out as soon as I dropped her into gear).

Could try by-passing it with a piece of wire?
One thing everyone appears to have forgotten is the diode. Tank and seat have to come off. Can't remember what values you should be registering but they are posted in the haynes manual.

If the diode has gone t!ts up it can certainly create a short when the side stand is up.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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