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Hey there,

I have a question, my bike stood for about 3 weeks, I started it up the beginning of this week for the first time and only decided to take it out yesterday.

From standing does carbon build up on the rings etc, cause I took it slow yesterday and today, can I give it the beans now?

Three weeks is nothing.
I don't understand why you think it might have a problem if all it's been doing is sitting.
If you let it sit for a year or more then you might want to check for any rust on the valves maybe or moisture in the crankcases.
What can happen is chunks of carbon can come loose from the piston crown or backs of the exhaust valves due to sitting a long time and they can cause a valve to stick open. Very unusual though as it's much more likely to get spat out the exhaust port as soon as you fire the engine up.
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