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by Bernard Goldberg
Former CBS News journalist Bernard Goldberg's controversial book Bias removed any lingering doubt that the mainstream media is deeply, irredeemably tilted toward the Left. Now he follows up that bestseller with an even more scorching exposé of the real aims and views of the media's most powerful figures

Shut Up & Sing
by Laura Ingraham
Meet the elites: pickled in prejudice, morally blind -- and outrageously hypocritical -Laura Ingraham -- the smartest, funniest voice on talk-radio

Useful Idiots
by Mona Charen
How liberals won the war on Communism
(and other liberal myths about the Cold War)

Ain't No Rag
by Charlie Daniels
# Charlie's famous "Open Letter to the Hollywood Bunch" that set the Left Coast aflame

# Charlie's plainspoken warning to Baghdad Sean Penn -- America's veterans won't forget what he did

# Why "Barbra Streisand's fanatical and hateful rantings about George W. Bush make about as much sense as Michael Jackson hanging a baby over a railing"

# The right way to deal with Taliban prisoners in Cuba (and it ain't with color TVs and weight rooms)

# The ACLU versus faith (and how common sense can win)

# The truth about "this political correctness trash" that "serves only to turn this nation into a bunch of lily-livered, panty-waist, limp-wristed, soft-spoken milksops

"A great read by a great American"
-- Lt. Col. Oliver North
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