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hey guys.
i just bought my project bike for the next 2-3 month. it is a 1996 cbr900rr , it is in bad shape but i have worked on bikes that were much worth. this is going to be a my streetfighter. the plan is to keep it very simple.
1- gsxr 600 headlight
2-no gauges (i need to find how to install a temp guage).
3- forks i might not really sure but i might keep them stock or go with gsxr 1000 or 954.
4-the tail will be chopped and if i find a buell subframe i will install it, but if i do not i will just keep the driver seat and cover the sides with metal sheet.
5- the frame will be painted flat black and well as the tank.
6- the subframe will be polished
7- the wheels will be polished (just the lip)
8- i also bought an R6 06/07 exhaust i will painted black and the headers will be wrapped
9- the clip on will stay stock and maybe lowered

i think that is it , what i need to know
1- tire size on 1996 ( i need a set so please let me know
2- do i need the gauges to make the bike run
3- how can i install a temp gauge on 900rr. i do not really care about RPM or MPH
4- if anyone have a new idea please let me know i will post pictures of the bike in the current condition and the progress while i am working on it .

thanks guys

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Whats up man, I have a 96 too. Tire sizes are 180/55 17" rear and an unusual 130/70 16" front. Theres only two 16" tires available, Metzler M3 and Dunlop Qualifier.

Also I would powdercoat the frame, not paint it. Good luck and please keep us posted.
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