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Hey Folks,

just a quick review of some stuff I purchased during a brake rebuild, the product is called Wonder Wheels from Wilko's (UK store), £5 for 600ml. I'd cleaned the brakes with brake cleaner and removed most the loose stuff, but they were still pretty tarnished. I'd researched some other products and was a little skeptical at this stuff, given it's cost, but it worked really well (see picture RH is before and LH is after). 5mins dwell time and rinse off with a strong jet of water, or hot soapy water, and they're all new and shiney. :smile

It helps to remove the iron fallout by making an iron complex I believe. I used a relatively small amount for the 2 calipers and they've come up really nice, and I've got plenty to use on the other bits of the bike that are looking a little grotty.

If this is in the wrong place in the forum, apologies - new round here!




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