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buying new plastics for my 929

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hi all i was woundering and i no its been a topic of discusion more than once but i was woundering if the ebay plastics are worth buying and if they all line up right or if its better to just spend the extra couple hundred from a web site that will gaurinty spec

thanks Ben
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I bought a set for my 07 1000rr for $595 from an ebay company outta Colorado. I haven't installed them yet due to cold weather. They are manufactured in China but the company claims OEM fit. From what I can tell they are the same size as stock with the holes in the right spots. Paint looks awesome.
my buddy has a 954 that he bought ebay plastics for, they look great but there are a few little things that dont match up. there is a gap i can stick my fingers in along the top of the headlight and the cbr letters on the sides dont match up because its on the seem. other than that they fit fine. im pretty picky so i would spend the extra few hundo for perfection.
I've heard good things about I haven't ordered from them but I hope to one day in the near future! They have lots of colors/designs. I called them up and the guy sounded pretty knowledgeable. They deal with a lot of honda dealers and have been reviewed in some sport mags. A little bit more expensive than the ebay hong kong ones, but when you're spending that much, what's $150 more for a better product right? :)

Here's mine from eBay. Fit was a lil tight but if you take your time it looks 100% custom.
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