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Came off the bike last week....

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So, last Sunday, the Club (Kuhle Wampe) met up for a ride.

We rode DEEP into the Frankische Schweiz (Black Forest), and had lunch at a very nice restaurant.
(Photo Not Available)
So, as we leave, I get left behind! (sweep was NOT doing his job today!)
I'm about two minutes behind everyone (I can see them across the valley), and so I rush to catch up.
What I don't see, is the road changing angles as I come over a rise. Reacting too late, I hit the gravel.

(My poor, sweet EXPENSIVE TO REPAIR bike!)

Lucky for me, there is a scooter rider, who stops to help me out.

I'm gonna need a new blinker.

I JUST replaced the nose piece in February! It's an NOS piece, the LAST red one in ALL of Europe! The fuse cover is also broken, and everything on the left side is shoved back a few millimeters....

Also, the exhaust is bent, pushed up against the swingarm. (This is ALSO brand freaking NEW!) I believe the forks might be bent, too!

After FOUR HOURS of waiting, I finally manage to contact someone from the group, and get rescued!
I woke up on Monday with a sore shoulder. I think the REAL pain will set in, in about a week or so, when I can get him into a workshop to asses the damage and talley the repair bill!
I've just noticed, that I posted here about my LAST wreck too! Waaaay back in 2005, in Australia.
Whelp, now I've wrecked a bike in Germany, too!
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Glad to hear that you were not too banged up! The bike can be fixed.
It could have gotten a lot worse for you. Good luck on finding parts.
Ouch, glad you made it out relatively unscathed ! Don't worry about the bodywork and cosmetics given its age/hard to find parts nowadays - just get the mechanicals back to good and keep riding it "with character." :)
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