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My bike's carbs have an issue...

I sure would be open ears to anyone who has pointers for tunning a 93-99 900RR.

Carb work thus far to date: all new seals, but not new fuel enrichment seals.
DynoJet carb kit: fuel needles on the middle adjustment groove. 120 main jets across all 4 carbs.'
BMC gauze type air filter w/minimum K&N filter oil sprayed on it.
Synchronized all 4 carbs with a mercury carb gauge - although they would not get in synch with each other after i installed the carb jet kit, why is that anyone? I just got them as close as i could.

The bike runs like dog crap from 1000-3700 RPM. A tech suggested it might be fouled plugs from bad seals on the fuel enrichment valves. It might be as I mentioned I never replaced those seals/valves. I know it's fouling out spark plugs because when i first installed a new set of plugs the bike ran awesome for one day, then back to the same old lack of performance on the low end rpm.

Anyone know where to buy these enrichment valves from other than RonAyers at $30 each. $120 is a lot of cash for 4 little pieces.

I'm thinking of moving the e-clip on my fuel needles, mid range seems like it should pull a little harder. Which direction do i move the e-clips as I just want to move them one notch but not sure which direction to go?

I sealed up my airbox completely tight so i know that's not causing the fuel mixture problem.

What do you guys do to clean out the idle and low rpm fuel circuit on the carbs? It seems that circuit gets clogged very easy. Oh yeah it's mainly my low rpm's 1000-3900 that have the fuel mixture issue. I don't mind pulling the carbs off and tearing them down to fix the problem if need be. Been there done that... just seems i never get the passages 100% cleaned out.

Another small HP problem seems to be the gauze type (BMC) street filter. I can never get the bike to run as strong/good as it does with a stock paper air filter?. What's up with that?
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