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Hi folks,

I have to admit that it's been a while since I last posted on the .org (a good 2 years or so). Anyway, I've been away messing about with 4 wheeled JDM machines and lost sight of what to do with the bike - In the last 2 years, it's only managed to turn 3000 miles, which is horrific considering that it used to do 3x that mileage in a year!

But the story started off with some ratty fairings which I tried to plasti-dip in white. Things started going sour, so I decided on getting some chinese replica fairings instead.

Of course, being a Cat C write-off when I bought her, it meant that selling such a tatty bike with high miles will probably only get me £1400 for a 929 Blade (realistically).

This was how she ought to look like

However, after a premature foray into plastidip (I spent £100 worth of that stuff only for it to come out horrendously crap) for which I had to remove all the stickers and decals, she looked bare

So seeing that if I were to do a half-arsed job, I might as well do a PROPER half-arsed job.

So the intention was to do a tribute to the late and great Super Sic. If I hardly ever use the bike, it might as well sit pretty in the garage when I'm spannering away on my bicycles other things, especially when I dubbed this up first thing once I moved in.

So, I have a 44k miler blade with shoddy electrics, battered and bruised body work and a dented tank! What next.

Sent a quick email to neverland-gbp on ebay to see if I can modify the fairings slightly

Who needs photoshop when paint is all you need! Considering I've always been a gresini fan-boy (Gibernau, Elias, Melandri et al), I much preferred the 08-09 scheme from the 800's. I felt the true simoncelli fairings a bit too bland, so it's going to be a hybrid.

Next step was to sort out my red tank with a dent in it. A bit of bodyfiller and primer (sorry for no before shots), I was set

You can just about see the repair on the crown of the tank at the 8 o clock position from the fuel cap. Considering that I'm renown for my bodges and shoddy handywork, I just wanted a white tank no questions asked.

After 2 coats of primer, time to lay down the base coat of Plastikote gloss white. I'm not expecting a colour match with the fairings, but quite happy that it turned out a cooler shade of white than I was expecting. It means that I don't have to go out and spend 15 quid on a barely matching paint mix.

1200 grit and 3 coats later

Now lacquered with decals applied

Things went downhill when i realised that the petrol resistant lacquer from halfords was anything BUT! I had to sand to remove the lacquer (although I found in the end, it was lot quicker to use a petrol soaked rag to remove the actual laquer... and start again)

In the process, I painted the tank infills, fitted a quick release fuel cap and finished off with stomp grips.

Whilst I was waiting for the fairings to be delivered the next day, I decide to strip the bike and clean it.


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So, a picture tells a thousand words and all that!

Manged to fit it onto the back seat of the celica

Going over the items piece by piece. Bear in mind that these fairings, for £300 fitted my 30 foot minter, 3 minter minger philosophy. As such, because my expectations were lowered, I wasn't dismayed or surprised by their quality.

The decals are applied on as a scaled vinyl presumably, i.e. not even cut out, and then lacquered over.


Trial fitment

I used a soldering iron to enlarge the holes and fit in the new rubber rawl plugs. I had to purchase a new set of fasteners on ebay, and so glad I did!

My biggest gripe was the fact that the captive lug nuts moulded into the fairings were the wrong diameter for the existing brackets. Morever, a load of my brackets had siezed. A bit of improvisation with some metallic flexible cable stays (sorry no pics) and I was able to fashion myself a new rear light stay.

Slowly trial fitting onto the bike and fastening. Then I thought, sod it, the sun's still out!

Am I fussed about colour mismatch? :roll: Err, No!

So, 30 foot minter, 3 minter minger... DONE! £300? Well, It was either this or getting some lowering springs on the celica! Any Simoncelli fan would have picked the former! :up:
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