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cbr 929 hotbodies exhaust?

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anybody know any thing about how he had this exhaust done. im looking to do the same on my 929.
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Clearly custom. Since the 'megaphone' exhaust is tucked as far as it is, its either an entirely custom attachment to the stock headers, but more likely he has a full exhaust (4-1) and just welded the tip on there.

Loosk good though imo
did you just have the pipe welded on?
In regards to the first video - get in touch with the author of the video (In the coments hes written something about a link to the project page with photos - Click)
yea i that was me he was talking to. he sent me a link to another forum were he has the build story of the bike including the exhaust. its a really nice bike and looks amazing!
OldSchool Repsol Project! - Repsol Forum page 19 is were he starts the exhaust
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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