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CBR 929 idle issue

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So today when I started my bike from a cold start(20*F) the bike's idle shot up to 2k and was smooth then all of a sudden turned into a rough idle with a lope to it. The bike still stayed idling to 2k when this happened. No idle change. Thinking it might have dropped of a cylinder but not sure. What are your guys ideas. Thanks in advance.
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Sorry one other thing is that when the idle changes it clicks at the same time. So I'm thinking the click is causing the idle change. Also when the bike is cold it is very hard to start and when is does it idles at about 800 rpm then shoots up 2k then my problems start from there.
The bike has about 5,000 miles and has been sitting for a while. No FI lights. Anybody? Thanks
You can start by checking the plug leeds, if there shorting out they will click and make it run rough. easy way to test...get your hands damp and run them along each lead, if there is a leak you will get a belt.! Job done ...:evilaugh:
:eek: wow ok lol. I'll check them out. Anything else I should check besides the wires?
I recon its got to be something to do with the plugs, leads or coils. You could start by spraying all the leads and coils with wd40 or something like it. Try not to spray a load down the plug holes as it will some times stick the plug caps to the plugs when they get hot.Give them a spray and start the bike up, when its running rough can you tell if its not firing on some cylinders.
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as above on the plugs leads etc.

if you can run it when its dark you will see the leads shorting if its them.

plus you can feel the down pipes and see if one is colder than the other 3.

damp cloth is better than skin for this :thumb:

could also be a air leak on one cyl so spray around the inlets with easy start and see if the revs increase (air leak if it does)

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Do you have a power commander? My PC went bad once and it messed up my idle very badly. Do you smell any fuel in the exhaust?
I think something is going on with the charging system because I tried starting the bike and the battery was pretty much dead. It ran not that long ago and should not have such low battery power. Could this cause for one of the cylinders not to fire? or is this just a separate issue? BTW I do have a power commander but it was doing this before I got it.
The charging system on a bike is not like a car, it is very small. Dont expect it to be able to keep your battery charged if you continually start it without letting it run for long periods of time. Charge your battery all the way up. If it still runs badly then you cant blame the battery or charging system because a full up battery should be able to sustain the motor for a decent about of time even without an alternator.
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