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CBR 929 Jack up kit

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Hi all,

I'm quite tall at 6'3" and find when leaning into a corner and trying to hook my outer knee under the tank I can't quite fit my knee under. Even dropping my heel as low as I can doesn't allow it to hook under. If I move my toes to the outside of the peg I can just about hook my knee under.
Would a jack up kit give me the extra gap between peg and tank to allow me to get my knee locked under??? Also would the turn in be too quick for the road??

Have any of you got experience of jack up kits?

Would some tank grip pads be a better option as the increased friction would give me the confidence that my knee won't slip??

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sure it would, slightly of course, but its alright to scrape your pegs :eyebrows:**

**obviously to some degree.

But now im confused.

Raising the bike higher off the ground makes sense, but your knee will remain in the same location as before in reference to the tank...right? Since the entire body, including pegs, seat and tank are raised.
It is subtle indeed, hardly visible, just rear height like you said.

Good luck on sorting that out!
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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