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cbr 929 short exhaust

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Found this link of you tube after deciding what I want to do to my exhaust.

I was wondering if anyone here has done this or know about doing it. I know I'm going to have to fabricate it. My biggest concern is being able to do it and still have enough back pressure to keep most of my low end and not kill the performance of my bike. I also do not want it to be obnoxiously loud. yes I want it noisy but a nice race tone not crazy like an open pipe.

any help is greatly appreciated
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thank you...

took me forever to get to it in there but I see how to do it now. I'm now searching now for a megaphone style exhaust that has baffels in it I know they make them just have to find one. if not the same way he did it will have to work. it can't be any louder than the Harleys around here
Yeah, the damn thing is ridiculously expensive for what it is though. May consider buying a $20 tip from schucks and making your own baffle.
yeah I'm thinking that too since I know the had to make shift a muffler I may just design a 3 chamber flow master style right into my build and just buy a truck tip
the more I look at it I need to get my hands on a stock 929 Mid pipe just in case my design doesn't work I can throw my stock stuff back on
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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