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Hello there I'm new tithe site and also new to the Honda cbr just pick mine up last week was just wondering what mods can be done and whY power you can normaly get out of the 954 and wheather there are huge gains with a full system over a slip on? Do you loose slot of bottom end drive withthe fullsystem also heard about gutting the airbox are there any real gains by doing this any advice would be appreciated cheers
The full system will give you more topend but generally at the expense of some midrange. You don't have usable bottom end anyway so you shouldn't be concerned about down there.
Split the tach into thirds and sub-4000RPM is the bottom, 4000-8000RPM is the midrange and 8000-12000RPM is the topend.
There is no power gain at all from removing the airbox flapper. You must remove it if you disconnect it from the servo motor though to prevent the engine from starving above 8000RPM.
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