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To make a long story short, I haven't ridden my 954 regularly for a few years. This past fall/winter I moved from my apartment complex to a new place. My batter was dead, but that was expected, and once I replaced it with a new one it started up and ran fine, I was able to move it to my new place and park in the garage. My plan was to sell it, but as it turns out, fall/winter in Denver is a bad time to try and sell a motorcycle, as I got basically no interest. Now that the weather is heating up, I was wanting to either attempt to sell it again, or move it to a friends place where it would be more out of the way. When I turn the key to on, all the lights come on and the display functions properly, except I do not hear the fuel pump "whine". The engine cranks and turns over fine, but won't start, which I assume is due to lack of fuel as the fuel pump is not kicking on. Electrical issues are by far my biggest struggle. Based on searching through the forums I have found the "likely" suspects, but not sure if I know how to investigate them.

All fuses are good.

Potential Issues:
Kill Switch
Diode dealy that drops the 12V down to 9V to the ECU
Tip Sensor
Kick Stand
Fuel Pump Relay
Fuel pump itself
Mystery wire short/ground/connection issue.

My first thought is the kill switch, as I actually used it regularly, which I now know to be a bad idea. I took the two screws out of the kill switch to see if I could see anything obviously wrong, which I couldn't. I can also hear a relay near the battery click when I cycle the kill switch-which makes me think the kill switch is fine?

The first question I feel like I am going to get is "Have you put 12V to the fuel pump itself?" and the answer to that is no, as I'm not really sure how. Like I said...electrical issues are not my strong suite, and I'd like to investigate what things I can that don't require disassembly.

I know I'm being a princess, but any help would be appreciated. Also if anyone lives in Denver and could assist, I'd be more than happy to compensate for your time (cash, beer, life of my first born)

Heeza Y Zasch
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Since your machine "turns over", I say the bar-mounted Emergency Kill Switch, Bank Angle Sensor, Sidestand Safety Switch, and Neutral Safety are all functioning properly. Your fuelpump could be seized, but (safely) you'll have to remove it and put 12v straight to it (jumper wire off a removed battery to the leads on the botom of the tank). From what you said about yourself, I do not recommend you attempt this alone.

If you can get the tailsection and seat off, here are where the Fuel Cut-off Relay and Engine Stop Relay are located. "Swap" them out with the Headlight Relay and Fan Control Relay (temporarily and one at a time) as they all (4) are the same.



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