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Hello again folks,
I would like to ask you if someone has installed an additional ECU (Dynojet PC, Rapid bike or any other brand) on a 954-929-1000 fireblade to improve the injection response. In the affirmative case, which are the most important upgrades in relation to the standard motorbike?
Regards from Spain.

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Upgrades to performance in the cheap seats:

1. Faster flowing air cleaner.
2. Faster flowing exhaust pipe.
3. Fuel pig to increase fuel ratios for more power.
Aim: Find the most HP for these 3 basic changes.

More HP More Money... add:
Ported head.
Lighten valve train.
Install high lift cams.
Increase bore size and compression ratio with pistons.
Increase connecting strength with racing conrods.
Lighten bike up with wheels, titanium bits and hardware.
Run exotic fuels.
Aim: Wait for the dependability to be lit like a fuse. One badass fireblade Made In Spain.

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4. Sprocket change.
5.Dynojet Ignition Advance Module
6. Air Powershifter - because they're fun and refills are free.

Upgrade clutch,
Upgrade oil pump,
add a nitrous oxide kit.

Fast track;

Sell the Honda - get a Suzuki Hayabusa - put a $3500 turbo kit on it.
Adjust chain often.
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