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Hey all.

New to this forum, i ride a 07 fireblade and I love it.

I am having an issue in first gear with a rattle noise, it is noticeable loud.

1. when I let out the clutch in first gear it begins to rattle
2. when i am in low rpm 2-4k rpm with slight load it rattles more and it is consistent with rpm (first gear) very faint sound in 2nd gear too.

What ive tried:
1. Ape manual cct install, noise still there
2. Changed sprockets and chain, noise still there
3. Cleaned lubed and adjusted both chain kits, noise still there
4. New clutch put in, checked springs all ok, noise still there

It started to be more noticeable when I changed my front to -1 i didnt have the adjustable bolts sitting against rear axle on the rear wheel so when i gave it revs the rear wheel jumped forward and chain became extremely loose, it squirted out oil from the hole where the clutch rod goes in and i pulled in clutch immediately to stop power going to the drive chain.
Also when going down in 1st gear I can sometimes feel the lever go lower than first like its almost soft if that makes sense

Really appreciate any help that anyone has to offer, will get video asap

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when you say "squirted out oil from the hole where the clutch rod goes in" the clutch actuator is on the RH side - did you mean the gear selector shaft or output shaft perhaps?

i'm totally guessing here but perhaps the
1) you've cause some damage to the gear selector forks/drum internally
2) gearbox output shaft bearing
either damaged as a result of a shock by the loose wheel shooting forwards??
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