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Hi all Turbo Riders!
I’m building a duel stage boost controlled CBR1000RR -05 Turbo. Running, 7PSI and 16PSI. This is going to be a street bike and occasional strip riding.

This is the spec as of now built on a cycle-logic turbo kit;
7 PSI stock engine 11.9 compression,
Larger injectors,
Heavier valve springs,
Power commander with expansion hub,

To do; BOV, Intercooler

Now for the questions,
What is the maximum intake temperature that is safe? I have been told about 85C or 185F before you start to get in to big detonation problems?

What should I do with the MAP sensor, is here another one I can use or will the OEM be fine? Is there any other thing I need to think about regarding the OEM ECU functions when running duel stage boost controller?

I was going to lower the compression to 9.1 to 9.4, is that a good target?

Have anyone fit an intercooler with the OEM radiator, layering them?

Thank you for keeping the answers professional!:thumb:
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