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My CBR1KRR 2006 engine is knocking.
1. It happens when standing still, and releasing the clutch gently to the point where the revs start to rise a bit, but without moving the bike yet.

2. It happens only when the engine is warm, at about 80 degrees celsius (176 Fahrenheit) and above.

3. It also happens when pulling the clutch before a full stop e.g. traffic light, to the same point as when standing. It's like there is a knocking point when pulling the clutch.

4. The sound is something like a loud "Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak..", and it is synchronized with the revs which are increasing by the clutch releasing.

5. The sound stops when releasing the clutch fully, which gets the bike start rolling, of course, or when pulling the clutch all the way, when standing.

6. No sound is heard when in Idle in neutral gear, only when releasing the clutch gently to that certain point.

Engine has done 13,500 KM (~8388 miles), which only 2000KM of them are mine, and I'm it's second owner.

In Israel we have 95 unleaded, 96 and 98. I'm using a unleaded fuel with 95 octane. A friend of mine, who was a mechanic for Honda for the past 5 years, says it might be the fuel octane, and that I should use 98 octane. So I've waited till the reserve light went on, and filled 98 octane. Already rode about 25KM (~15 miles), but I can still hear this F****** knocking. I guess I need to use the whole tank, and refill a full tank of 98 octane again and see what happens.
Another option that he suggested was that some clutch bearing has failed.

I've manage to take some video yesterday. Knocking is kinda disappear/difficult to hear when engine is very hot, i.e. over 100C.
I've labeled the the parts where knocking noise is clearer.
Please watch at 480p, for better sound quality.

Any ideas what can it be, before I'm getting it checked out?
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