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cbr600rr Front End Swap

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Hi all,

I am a new 2006 919 owner! I love this bike. The privious owner (a friend) swapped out the front end with a cbr600rr. The top triple was custom machined and the bottom had a bigger stem pressed in. It all fits and looks great! I am curious why I have not seen this swap anywhere. :huh: Is there a reason that i dont see any out there? i would guess that the 919 is heavier than a 600 and therefore it could be a bit too whimpy for the 919? I have to say that it is way beefier than the stock 919 suspension. anyway...i am just curious what you all think.

Thanks....Mat :cheers:

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That front end set up looks awesome, I am trying to do the same thing to my bike right now. The only problem is finding forks. I am not sure if I am oging to use honda f4i forks or go the inverted fork route, if i use the inverted forks then I am going to have to change the rim/rotors/tripple clamps/headlight assembly, but if i use the honda f4i forks I just have to get a new fender. How much did your front end swap end up costing you?
I like the 599 headlamp and gauges.... Do they work correctly with the 919?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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