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Hi, my first ever post - thought I'd share my recent experience with converting a kph speedo to mph.

The bike ('97 RRV) came from Europe, the previous owner changed the speedo dial backplate from a kph one to a mph one - all fine, except the odo still read in kilometres.

So I bought an mph speedo off ebay, polished it up, replaced backlight bulbs, fitted it, set off down the road - slowly (said the speedo). The 33.7 mile round trip came up as 24.7 miles...

...Figured that the speedo was seeing 3/4 of what it should be seeing, and it's electronic, so either the speedo or the pickup/sender/sensor was misreading. I started with the pickup - unbelievably easy to access - two screws on the drive sprocket cover, and the connector visible under the RH side of the tank. Could get multimeter probes on it without any further dismantling. The pickup is a hex socket which engages on the sprocket screw. The connector wiring is black = constant 12v (ignition on!), green = 0v (ground, middle wire), pink = pulsed output, 4.5-5v.

...put a multimeter on the pink, found 1 revolution of the sprocket generated 3 pulses. So if I could get a pickup that did 4 pulses per revolution I'd be fine...on a whim, went on ebay again and got a pickup off a '96 blade (which also had a UK mph speedo).

...two days later, tried the new pickup - 4 pulses per rev! Sorted! Turns out the pickups have a serial number and the number of pulses marked on them - so anyone buying can check or ask. The 3-pulse/rev is 97164, the 4-pulse/rev is 95323.

Hope this helps someone, for me it was a lucky gamble! Photos attached.


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