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cbr929rr motor on gokart

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i have a 2001 929rr in very good shape, i bought it from a guy on ebay had 100 feedback, i have everthing to make it turn over, and it dose just that but it gets no spark, so that brings me 2 the coil harness i have called so many local shops its making me sick that no 1 nose 1 the coil harness connects 2 "besides the coils" theres 2 others connecters on the harness 1 is a ground that comes from the motor got that figured out, but theres another one its a male connecter in the color black, dose any1 no what this gose 2 so i can buy it and run the ass off this gokart
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If you could post up a picture of the connecter it would make it much easier to identify.
1 - 2 of 46 Posts
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