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cbr929rr motor on gokart

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i have a 2001 929rr in very good shape, i bought it from a guy on ebay had 100 feedback, i have everthing to make it turn over, and it dose just that but it gets no spark, so that brings me 2 the coil harness i have called so many local shops its making me sick that no 1 nose 1 the coil harness connects 2 "besides the coils" theres 2 others connecters on the harness 1 is a ground that comes from the motor got that figured out, but theres another one its a male connecter in the color black, dose any1 no what this gose 2 so i can buy it and run the ass off this gokart
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i no its somthing stupid but im new with streetbike motors im use 2 single calender engines
ok are u going to be on in 5 minits ill do it now
whats ur Email i dont have a way 2 post on the site
i just sent it to ur email , my emails yungzero
its sitting on the floor of my shed right now , i dono wut it could be but i think its has something to do with why im not getting spark 2 the plugs
i dosent look like it wud reach that far to the fan, and the fan i belive only has one wire this 1 has 2 i think its blue n white
hang on let me double check the wire colors
aight the wires on that connecter i shown, one is blue and black ,the other is all green dose this help? sorry for the mix up b4
no its not the fan i just checked thows wires are 1 black and 1 black with blue stripe and i dono if its a ground but it connects 2 a wire on the frond part of the cylinder which by the way one of thoes 2 black wires is broken
the cam pulse wire thers 2 wires 2 that one of them is broken i just noticed
ok so this will stopd the motor from getting spark i persume Thanks alot thats that, and i went to try and connect the black n blue striped and soild green 2 the fan , it connected but the fan wires are not the same color dose it matter? they are definally the same size connecter it gose in snug and clicks in good
ok so i guess i need 2 buy a new cam pulse generator wire? i hope thats it, and i got 2 more questions, if i dump gas in the throttle bodies will that make it run after it gets spark, and do the wires on the airbox also have 2 be pluged in to run , that shud anser everthing Thanks alot to ever 1 and that is a really good diagram easy 2 follow
yea ill just get the pump gunna need that and a gastank anyways yea ill have to see if i can reattach it, i have the ignition switch with the key, is that wut u were talking about?
wow, guys i cant thank you enuff im going 2 start on the wire tomrrow ill post back 2 let u no how it went thanks again
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