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I recently needed to replace the RR on my 2001 929cc Blade and found a second hand one which I bought but the plug with the 2 green and 2 red wire was different, but the number on the RR was the same (SH678C-13) so it got me wondering what I had got!

Seems apart from one plug the same RR unit was fitted to CBR600 F(4i) from 2001 - 2004 and CBR600 F(4i)S in 2001/2002. There are more of these around and genuine ones seem to be priced lower than CBR900 Fireblade ones are priced too!

I simply released the tangs holding the pins in the plastic connector block using a jewellers screwdriver (small flat blade) and swapped this bit over and it fitted perfectly! Remember to fold the tangs out a bit so the locate when refitting.

I know its a bit of a chance buying second hand with these but in fairness there was a 60-day returns policy. As it turns out it was a good unit anyway and charges good! I was temped to go MOS-FET one like some others but the OE one had lasted 18-years! Next time I might do the swap! :grin


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